Simple Strategies for Balancing Multiple Part-Time Jobs

Time-Management Will Be One Of The Most Important And Valuable Skills To Develop For Any Job.

Travel Observe - With a still struggling economy, many smaller companies and places of business are cutting their costs by keeping their employees hours under the full-time threshold.  By scheduling fewer hours, these employers may not have to offer health benefits and other fringe benefits to part-time employees.  While the practice is understandable, it leads to many employees having to juggle the demands of two or three part-time jobs in order to make a living. For employees, maintaining some organization and flexibility can help make this type of employment a successful arrangement.

Maintain a calendar with your work schedules for each job.  Keep personal commitments there also.  It is easiest if you are able to arrange a set schedule at each job so you know exactly where you have to be on any given day. That being said, flexibility is often needed at part-time jobs so don’t take on so much work that you cannot be flexible when necessary.  Keeping open communication with each employer will keep conflicts between jobs to a minimum.

Maintain Work Schedules For Each Job  

While scheduling all of the work hours, be sure to schedule some personal time as well.  It is easy to get caught up with working several jobs and let personal time become an unattainable luxury.  However; in order to maintain this type of busy schedule and not burn-out completely, there must be some down time.  Schedule time with friends, exercise and alone time just as you would work hours.  The time won’t be wasted, guaranteed.

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Everybody can be tired whe you are doing multiple partime job

Be honest with all of your employers.  Let them know that you would prefer to work full-time at their company, but until that is available, you must work another job for survival.  Try to make yourself invaluable to the company and give them incentive give you more hours.  Once you prove your ability and loyalty as an employee, they may be more willing to invest the cost of benefits in you in order to keep you there long-term or bring you on full-time.
Working long hours and juggling a crazy schedule may be incredibly difficult and exhausting; but the benefits can’t be denied.  Of course, the most obvious benefit is earning a living; however, there are and sometimes even better benefits than that. By working multiple jobs, you are able to pursue various interests and try different career opportunities.  The multi-tasking abilities and various skills you will pick up along the way will make you a more desirable employee once the right full-time position becomes available. In addition, you have a much broader reach so the opportunity to make a lot of great connections is at your fingertips.

Working multiple part-time jobs is a way of life for many. With a positive attitude, determination and using the above strategies, the experience and skills you gain can lead to even better career opportunities.