Delayed Entry Does Not Mean Delayed Education

Gaining Experience before the First Day of College

First Day of College
First Day of College

More and more young adults have to delay their college start dates.  They know that they want to go to college, but may need more time than the quick two months between high school graduation and college freshman orientation day.  Whether the time is needed to save some money, backpack across Europe, or submit applications after a missed deadline, future students can use this time wisely and gain valuable experience and insight before the first day of college classes.

College bound students should think of everyday as an opportunity to do something valuable towards preparing for the chosen major.  Undecided students can use this time to research different fields and career choices as well as educational and future job opportunities for each career. 

Full-time or Part-time Can Enhance Marketable Skills

Entering the work-force on a full-time or part-time basis can provide great benefits for those who have a delayed college entry as well. Not only will it provide an income while they wait but it also gives them the opportunity to experience firsthand what the job entails as well as whether or not they want to pursue that given field.  In addition, a job can enhance marketable skills or may provide a work-study opportunity.  Many students must work while attending college and a job can ease the financial burden of college tuition.  Even if it takes longer than the usual four years because of trying to balance work and school, the experience of a job will be one more step along the journey towards a fulfilling career.

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part-time basis can provide great benefits
Part-time basis can provide great benefits

This delayed entry time may also be a good time to gather information and connections in different fields.  Talking to people who have attended different colleges or work in different fields can provide valuable insight into future plans.  Conversations can help clarify plans or ideas that seem good and help avoid roadblocks that others have already experienced.  It is important to make a plan for the future, but also to remain flexible.  Without a goal and the steps to get there in mind, the time before college can easily be wasted. 

While setting goals and taking steps towards self-improvement are noble ideas, having some fun during this time is also a legitimate plan.  The time between high school and college can be a great time to try new things, go new places, and experience life as a high school graduate before the major responsibilities of college and life take over.  Keep the goal in mind while enjoying the process. That's Me and The Way to Find Solution